Johnson Returns to the Basement (2014 Demos)

by Johnson from Accounting

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These are songs that we've recorded since we found a new basement to jam in.


released October 21, 2014

Garrett - Vocals
Kris - Guitar and vocals
Megan - Bass and vocals
Kyle - Guitar and vocals
Scott - Drums




Johnson from Accounting Edmonton, Alberta

From 2013 until early 2017, Johnson from Accounting was a punk band that was about efficiency, time management, synergy, and productivity.

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Track Name: Insincere Verse
"We hate the government and everything sucks. If we didn't have a song like this, we wouldn't be punks. Only you can help us, don't you realize? If we sell enough shit, we won't need a 9-to-5. Woah! We're edgy as fuck, spending all our money on beer and hair products. Please, oh please, please by our merch. We're tearing down the system shirt-by-shirt."

No, I couldn't feel much worse. The dollar signs in your eyes put every note into your purse. You'll have to forgive me if I'm being terse, I'm just having trouble stomaching your insincere verse.
Track Name: Property is Theft
Tricked into thinking the poor are the lazy / But are you familiar with your fucking "white history" / And the enclosing of the lands once held in common / Those lands once open for animal grazing and farming? / Through acts of violence, destroying homes and villages / Create pastures for sheep to uphold elite privileges / Those dispossessed become paupers and vagabonds / A new criminal class and fodder for the prisons

Robber barons/ Wage slave masters

Property is theft / Property is theft / Your ancestors weren't industrious / They stole it from the rest / Why do you think that the poor fill the prisons / And are kept from making truly democratic decisions? / Property is theft / Property is theft / Mass accumulation is an act of theft / This isn't about your personal possessions / But the products of our labour and our collective dispossession

Initially illegal by parliamentary decisions / But the Crown had a new, capitalist-inspired vision / And decided to side with these land-owners and thieves / Making it legal for common land to be seized/ So now we must sell ourselves into wage slavery / Owning only our labour and increased misery / While captains of industry are seen as industrious / Lie to the workers about labour and profit

This is / Fucking / Class War

But we know how this property became their possession / Not through hard work but acts of aggression / The workers keep working, and keep getting poorer / The thieves gate their communities to hide from the horror / Don't be afraid to knock down a fence / Don't be afraid to tear down a prison / These structures are embodiments of capitalist interest / And they are the same structures of class conflict.

Robber barons / Wage slave masters

Property is theft / Property is theft / Property is theft/ Property is theft/ Property is theft / Property is theft / Property is theft/ Property is theft