Punching Out

by Johnson from Accounting

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Danyluk at Record Without a Cause in Edmonton, Alberta. Cover art by Kyle.


released February 22, 2017

Garrett - vocals
Kyle - guitars and vocals
Megan - bass and vocals
Colby - drums and backing vocals




Johnson from Accounting Edmonton, Alberta

From 2013 until early 2017, Johnson from Accounting was a punk band that was about efficiency, time management, synergy, and productivity.

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Track Name: Alberta Rat Patrol
We sailed to the maritimes / And marched across the land / We crossed a magic border / Into a promise land / We cleared out the natives / We cut down the trees / And when we were done / There was not a rat to see! / We're the Alberta rat patrol! / We've got everything under control / Come to Albert it's so clean / Come to Alberta it's so nice to see / We got a magic line that keeps us rat free / We have no rats only opportunity! / We cleaned out the trees / And guess what we did see / A virgin land primed / to give up goods to you and me / We drilled into the ground / We pumped out the oil / We dumped the waste products / Into the air and soil / And when the smoke cleared / It was plain to see / This great land of Alberta / Was still rat free! / No rats aren't the problem / In fact they're kinda cute / Alberta rat free / I'd rather it not be / The real pest here / Is one that's plainly seen / It's dirty politicians / And counterpart corporate greed / If you want to see / A land that is free / Bring back the rats and drive out the fat cats!
Track Name: Pipelines
Gonna build a pipeline / Running north to south / Only time they'll stop is when / Oil spills from our mouth / Already built a pipeline / From the job to the grave / Capitalism is a system / That greases its wheels with your brains / Pipelines! / Gonna build a pipeline / Running east to west / Only time they'll stop is / With our certain deaths / Already built a pipeline / From the schools to the jails / Capitalism is a system / That only works when you fail.
Track Name: I Promised Mess
Eskimos, Chiefs, and Redskins / It's hard to know just where to begin / Five-hundred years of colonial greed / Memory reduced to a fucking sports team / Blackhawks, Braves, and Indians / If you don't see just what's wrong with / These logos, racists caricatures / Then you're part of the problem / Yes, we're part of the problem / I promised Mess I wouldn't do this / I try so hard to stay positive / I promised Mess I wouldn't do this / But can our words speak louder than our fists? / Welcome to the City of Champions / Where we praise sports stars and jail First Nations, so... / Gretzky Drive, Messier Trail / Doesn't matter if your land wasn't for sale / Treaty 6? Don't give a shit / Alberta: like it, love it, or leave it / We'll drain its oil and live like Kings / And your contaminated land won't mean a thing / Won't mean a fucking thing
Track Name: Death Metal is Ruining the Block
Just moved in and it doesn't stop / Noise so loud my property value drops / If you only knew how it got my goat / And how those awful songs make me lose all hope / I used to have hair, glorious and long / Now I pull it out with every song / Barely keep my face out of my palms / 'Cuz it seems to just go on and on / I was once young and cool, without a care / Now most days I just sit and stare / And these days I rarely enjoy myself / Phil Collins records vibrate off my shelf / All this death metal really has me appalled / Got me searching bylaws and City Hall / That's me on the streets, I'm patrolling the block / Yelling at your house that I'm calling the cops / Death metal is ruining the block / Metalcore is ruining the block / Whatever it is, please make it stop / Death metal is ruining the block
Track Name: Dirty Little Vegan Bitch
So we ruined your scene / That's just fucking fine by me / All your sexist bullshit / How I'm so easily dismissed / Dirty little vegan bitch / Dirty little vegan bitch / You're so fucking punk rock / You're so fucking hip / When a woman opens her mouth / All you have to say is "bitch" / She stands up and gets belittled / He stands up and gets respect / I'll destroy your fucking boys' club scene / Every fucking chance I get
Track Name: Chelsea Grin
I feel a twisting in my guts / It seems like no one cares too much / About the things we scream and shout / Like, "Oh those things, well, they just happen. / There's no need to talk about them." / Small signs of hope quickly replaced with doubt / Rape joke! / Don't you think I'm funny? / No? Well, that's too bad / Already got your money! / Rape Joke! / I'm not being serious / My falsest apologies / But your pain is hilarious / 1 in 4 women, not sure if you're aware / How dare we try to question their artistic flair? / They were only joking / Words don't mean a thing / Everyone else was fine / No complaints through chelsea grins / You might not want to admit that you have any authority / But when you take the microphone, your voice is top priority / And we can't challenge much when the systems we oppose use this same language as its crutch / I feel a twisting in my guts / It seems like no one gives a fuck / About the things we scream and shout / We just think that you're all worth it / But by no means are we perfect/ So let's do what we can to help each other out.
Track Name: Five Point Action Plan
The poison gets in early / And it gets in deep / Request to be silent and strong / Not a promise you can keep / Taught to be angry / And keep the rest bottled deep / Inside, we'll crack another for the road / Depression, hard to sleep / Images on display / And we'll never measure up / Convince ourselves we're not to blame / But it's ourselves we'll never trust / Reap how we're sown / Believing lies that we're sold / Step in line to not be pussies or queers / But misogynists and homophobes / And I woke up this morning / Enjoyed the first few minutes / Remembered that I hate myself / The world and everyone in it / Realizing that, had to make a decision / Don't want to be an asshole / Don't know the pain I've been creating / I'm so scared of all this alpha and beta shit / Needed a perception check / But rolled a critical miss / I don't know why you can't see / That women aren't your enemy / You're just another loser / In the same old patriarchy / I don't have a list of demands / I don't have a five point action plan